Preschool Summer Camp

If you want some fun filled learning activities to keep your kiddo’s academic skills fresh all summer long, you’ve come to the right place! Below are my summertime lesson plans, filled with literacy, math, science and art ideas all based around a fun, summery theme! Don’t forget to check out the toddler summertime play page for even more boredom busters like art and sensory play you can use with kids age 1-5 all summer long!

Sunshine and Water

The weather is getting hot, hot, hot and it’s the perfect time for something I think all kids love- water play! This week’s activities all have to do with fun in the sun (and fun in the water!) Don’t forget to check out the toddler page for some soggy sensory play activities like a DIYContinue reading “Sunshine and Water”

The Awesome Ocean

The beach has always been one of my favorite places to be! The soothing sound of the waves, playing in the water, reading on the beach, building sand castles with my kids, collecting shells- there’s just so much to do! Since it’s summer I thought this would be a perfect learning theme! We kicked offContinue reading “The Awesome Ocean”

Welcome to Hogwarts

Harry Potter turns 40 on July 31st (the character, not the book series- we’re not THAT old yet folks!) so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to do some magical learning with my boys to celebrate! I had to get pretty creative since most of the learning ideas centering around HP are for middleContinue reading “Welcome to Hogwarts”

Jungle Explorers!

My preschooler recently saw Disney’s “The Jungle Book” and pretended he was Mowgli for two weeks straight, so when I asked him what he wanted to learn about it made sense that he chose the jungle. A jungle is technically a very dense, usually tropical forest- but it isn’t always rainy. Since rainforests can alsoContinue reading “Jungle Explorers!”

Heroes Unite!

Pretty much every kid is into super heroes of some sort at one time or another- I loved the Ninja Turtles as a kid (even though the first time I heard of them I thought they were a real group of teenaged ninjas who dressed up as turtles and I was SO confused! LOL) MyContinue reading “Heroes Unite!”

Let’s Build

Does your little love Legos? Then this week they’re going to be super pumped because all of our activities are built (haha see what I did there?) around these versatile little blocks of creativity! There are so many fun things you can do with these little guys other than just building (although we’ll be doingContinue reading “Let’s Build”

Gone Fishin’

My husband has been an avid fisherman since he was a kid- as is his dad- so it’s only logical that both our littles love fishing too! It definitely is a great hands on lesson in patience paying off (unless your me and you never catch anything! LoL) and the boys get so excited whenContinue reading “Gone Fishin’”

Go for the Gold

The summer Olympics are finally here! I love watching the games on TV- gymnastics, diving, swimming, running- it’s all super exciting and MAN are those men and women talented! I was so sad last year when they got canceled because of Covid I actually organized a Funk Family Olympics at our house with bucket filling,Continue reading “Go for the Gold”

Rainbow Fish Book Study

If you haven’t heard of it, “The Rainbow Fish” is a best selling book with an adorable message- sharing and friendship are worth more than possessions and outward appearance. I always read this story to my students the first day of school, discussed how important sharing and kindness are in our classroom and the world,Continue reading “Rainbow Fish Book Study”

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