Heroes Unite!

Pretty much every kid is into super heroes of some sort at one time or another- I loved the Ninja Turtles as a kid (even though the first time I heard of them I thought they were a real group of teenaged ninjas who dressed up as turtles and I was SO confused! LOL) My little has been into Spiderman, Batman, the Black Panther, Ladybug and Cat Noir, and TMNT to name a few- and my current fav is Wolverine. I also thought we could touch on real life heroes this week during Social Studies like firefighters, police officers, EMTs and the coast guard who do so much to keep our cities and waters safe. Don’t forget to zoom over to my toddler post “Super Kids” for more fun art activities like a super hero flying picture, mask decorating and a TMNT handprint craft!


-Spell hero words: I got out the Scrabble letters to spell a set of hero words (see picture below for list) then had my little sound them out and spell them. When we got to the words with vowel pairs (cape and save), I taught him the rule “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and it always says its name”.

-ABC rescue mission: I got this idea from Entertain Your Toddler years ago- it was a hit then and it was a hit now! You just tape a set of foam ABCs to the walls of your living room (while laughing manically like a bad guy if you want to amp up the experience! LoL) then have your little find each one, set it free and tell you what letter it is.

-Color by sight word: I printed this super hero color by sight word on Teachers Pay Teachers then had my little color it according to the key.

-Super hero book list:


-Super hero number match: I printed these super hero number match cards from Teachers Pay Teachers, laminated them, cut them out then had my little match the masks up to the correct number. These are great because they include 1-20. If that’s too many for your little to do at once, you can split them into 1-10 and have your little match those then have them do 11-20.

-Domino count and cover: I printed this domino count and cover activity from Teachers Pay Teachers then had my little count the dots on dominos, find the matching hero, and cover it with the domino. If you don’t have dominos, you could also use a 12 sided dice or flashcards and just have them color the hero that matches the number.

-Black Panther number puzzle: I printed this Black Panther number puzzle from Teachers Pay Teachers, laminated it and cut it out then had my little put it together using his number knowledge.

-Superman connect the dots: I printed this Superman connect the dots page then had my little connect each number to draw him- when he got to about 15 he counted while I pointed to each number because he doesn’t know what the higher numbers look like just yet.

Social Studies:

-Real life heroes: Each day we read a book about real life heroes- fire fighters, police officers, and the coast guard (you can also do EMTs, nurses, doctors or any branch of the military) and then wrote how they help people on a chart.

Art: All of my art activities this week are also appropriate for toddlers, so fly on over to my post “Super Kids” to check them out!

Supply/shopping list:

  • Scrabble tiles
  • foam ABC’s
  • Dominos

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