This page has a few teaching tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years! Check them out below:

Basic Supplies

This is probably common knowledge, but just in case someone out there needs a place to start, here’s a list of supplies that are good to keep on hand for learning activities. It’s definitely not exhaustive, but keeping these items stocked at home will make planning and completing many of my activities much easier! -extraContinue reading “Basic Supplies”

The Daily Schedule

As a classroom teacher I ran by a fairly consistent daily schedule, and I try to do the same thing when teaching my kids at home. Although we don’t live by the clock as strictly as I did in the classroom (after all- if we eat lunch at 11:30 instead of 12 we’ll still haveContinue reading “The Daily Schedule”

Preschool Calendar Time

With the start of the school year coming up, I’m adding in a daily calendar time to our homeschooling routine. I know many preschool and kindergarten teachers start each day with fun songs and activities to build and solidify skills such as letter name and sound recognition, base ten and counting practice, and calendar skills.Continue reading “Preschool Calendar Time”

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