Pandemic Friendly Halloween Ideas

Real talk. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. 220,000+ people have died in the United States alone as of this writing, and the numbers are still ticking upwards- and probably will until they’ve developed and tested a safe vaccine. If I’m completely honest with you, even I had a lapse in judgement that found my husband and I out and about and around more people than I’d like to admit- the first time in 7 months I’ve been anything but EXTREMELY careful…and guess what? We were exposed to Covid. Not smart, I know- and really scary getting tested (both were negative- thank Jesus!) and waiting around 14 days to see if we would get symptoms was awful (boy are allergies scary these days, am I right?)

That being said, the best way to celebrate Halloween this year doesn’t seem to be going door to door, reaching into a candy bucket that’s been dug through by tons of dirty little fingers- or taking candy from the hands of several unmasked strangers…but we still have to celebrate, right? YES! Absolutely. Our costumes are already ordered, the candy is already purchased!

Thanks to my years in the classroom, my own creative thinking, my creative friends’ ideas and of course the internet, I’ve come up with a list of several Halloween activities you can do with your immediate family or maybe one friend in the comfort and safety of your own home! Without further adieu- here’s my list of pandemic friendly Halloween ideas! Don’t be like me…stay safe my friends!


Indoor trick-or-treating: Buy your littles’ favorite candy then have each adult in the house go behind a closed bedroom door (it would be great to get grandparents in on this too, as long as that’s a safe choice!) Have your littles dress up in their costumes and “trick-or-treat” at each door several times- you can even disguise yourself with different outfits or accessories (shirts, glasses, wigs, voices, etc) to make it more fun! Alternately, this can be done at each exterior door of the house with older children! (Props to my friend Lisa for this genius idea!)

Reverse trick-or-treating: Make up goodie bags full of Halloween treats, dress up in your costumes and deliver them to nearby neighbors and friends the week of Halloween. To keep it contact free, just leave the treat on their porch and text them when you leave!

Treat hunt: Hide Halloween candy around the house and have your littles dress up in their costumes and go on a “candy hunt”. You can even do it in the dark and use flashlights to find the candy, or hide the candy in piles with a glow stick to mark its spot, or get “jack-o-lantern” eggs from Oriental Trading to hide like Easter eggs!

Contact free trick-or-treating: If you still want to hand out treats, the safest way to do so is with a contact-free treat table (or if you’re really crafty, a 6+ foot long candy shoot made out of PVC pipe!). We’ll be setting our treat table up at the end of our driveway with decorations and spaced out treat bags (regular and dairy free- don’t forget those allergy babies!) so kids can grab and go without coming near us (we’ll stay inside) or digging through a bowl of candy!

Dinner and Games:

Mummy dogs: I made these last year for the littles before trick-or-treating and they were a huge hit! You just wrap up hotdogs in strips of Pillsbury crescent dough then bake them in the oven according to the dough package! You can use dots of mustard for creepy “glowing” eyes! I got this idea from Pillsbury’s recipe site!

Witches brew: Make a yummy vegetable soup with your littles by letting them add in ingredients like chicken toenails (corn), spider eyes (peas), rat tongues (shredded carrots), lizard tails (green beans), snake scales (diced onions), fish fins (diced celery) and so on. Simmer in chicken stalk until the veggies are tender.

Mummy wrap game: Pair up and give each pair a full toilet paper roll (they’re not still in a shortage…right?!) Play “Thriller” and while you’re jamming out, have one partner wrap the other up like a mummy! I used to do this in my classroom and it was SO much fun (and quite hilarious!)

Glow bowling: Pop some glowsticks in 6 water bottles and shut off all the lights. Have a bowling competition with your family in the dark! I got this idea from the Kix cereal website!

Flashlight fun:

Flashlight/glowstick hide and seek: My kids LOVE a game of hide and seek. For this one, you wait until sunset then turn off all the lights and everyone gets a flashlight or glowstick. The “it” person counts while everyone hides- and everyone has to keep their flashlights on. Then the “it” person has to walk around and find all the hiding people!

Flashlight tag: You can play this inside or out on your lawn with your whole family! Whoever is “it” gets a flashlight and chases everyone else around. As per regular tag, if you get caught in the flashlight’s beam- you’re the new “it”!

Flashlight story time: Pick out several Halloween stories and curl up in the dark with a flashlight to read them! My kiddos did this during our camping themed week and LOVED it! There’s just something cozy about reading in the dark- it would be a perfect way to end Halloween night!

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