Beautiful Bats

We’re already going batty at our house for Halloween, which is just a few weeks away, so I thought a bat theme would be a perfect way to tie in some spooky fun to our learning this week! Swoop on in and check it out!

Bat light box: Ever since I discovered this activity on Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten I have been SO excited to try it with my boys! To make the light box, you just flip over a clear tupperware box and place a battery operated string of LED lights inside. Then I placed ABC magnets and some craft foam bats I had cut out on top. My toddler let out a squeal of joy when he saw it and both of my littles had fun playing with the bats and picking up the letters (which I would name for them) and were engaged for a good 20 minutes! This is definitely something we’ll do again!

Bat color match: I printed these cute little colorful bats from Teachers Pay Teachers, laminated them and cut them out. Then I placed three colors at a time on the floor for my little and gave him the matching bats one at a time to pair with their same colored friends.

Bat noodle sensory bin: I died some bow tie noodles black by boiling them for a few minutes to get them soft (but not cooked) and then shaking them in a Ziplock with black food coloring, then leaving them on some wax paper to dry overnight. Then I mixed them with a jar of unpopped popcorn in a cake pan and let my littles scoop and play! I got the idea from Modern Preschool.

Bat handprint tracing craft: I cut out a yellow circle for a moon and a purple oval for the bat’s body, then traced my little’s hands and folded the paper in half to cut out two of them at once. Then I had him glue the moon, body and hands to the paper to make a bat! For a final touch, I put some wet glue on the paper and gave my little pieces of torn up cotton ball to stick to it for clouds. My preschooler made one too, but he did his own cutting (except for the hands- he tried, but the fingers were a bit too tricky!) I got this idea from Simple Everyday Mom!

Bat silhouette dot activity: I cut out a bat then stuck it to a piece of black construction paper with ticky tack. Then I had my little polka dot the paper with a shimmery gold dot marker to his heart’s content. (I had to add dots all around the bat for it to show up since he didn’t quite get the whole perimeter at his age) Then I peeled off the bat and his silhouette was left behind on the paper! I got this idea from Crafty Morning.

Bat coloring page: I printed out this free coloring page for my littles since they’ve been into coloring lately (especially my toddler!) and let them go to town!

Supply/shopping list:

  • black food coloring
  • ziplock bag
  • bowtie noodles
  • ABC magnets
  • unpopped popcorn
  • scooping utensils
  • cake pan
  • dot markers
  • clear bin
  • battery operated LED lights (purple)
  • ABC magnets
  • black craft foam

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