Although my littles are no longer infants and my focus is around preschool education at the moment, I remember the exhausting, sweet, crazy, beautiful days of infancy! Below you’ll find information on how I filled our days with meaningful activities (when I wasn’t taking a nap!) The most important thing about the infant stage is to love them, snuggle them and show yourself GRACE! It’s ok if you don’t get the house cleaned or the laundry done. Focus on recharging yourself so you can be a good parent (especially at 2 am!), feeding your new baby, and giving them aaaall the snuggles! But…if you find yourself with a good sleeper and are a little bit bored sitting around with them all day, check out the ideas below!

The Early Days

Oh the early days of parenthood! The midnight feedings, the exhaustion…the snuggles, the first smiles. When your baby is only a few months old I honestly don’t think that’s the time for learning anything but how to love and care for them well. Everything else should take a back seat (except your prayer life and…

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