Basic Supplies

This is probably common knowledge, but just in case someone out there needs a place to start, here’s a list of supplies that are good to keep on hand for learning activities. It’s definitely not exhaustive, but keeping these items stocked at home will make planning and completing many of my activities much easier!

-extra sticky postit notes

-colorful construction paper

-white paper and cardstock

-washable markers, fat and thin

-kid’s safety scissors and adult scissors for you

-wet glue and glue sticks


-a single hole punch

-washable paint and brushes


-a mini muffin tin

-a clipboard (you can get them fairly cheap then personalize them with fun duck tape!)

I also recommend the following slightly more expensive items for daily use, but the lessons can be tweaked so that you don’t need them.

-an ABC chart or other way of displaying the alphabet prominently in your learning area (substitute a page with the alphabet printed on it in uppercase and lowercase)

-an easel and chart paper (substitute a regular notebook or sheet of paper)

-a large daily calendar (you can use a regular calendar as well but I really like this one by Melissa and Doug)

I hope that gets you started! I think these supplies are great to keep on hand for any parent or teacher of young children. Let me know if you have any questions!

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