Super Kids

If your little loves super heroes you’ve landed in the right spot! I feel like there are so many heroes out there nowadays, littles of all ages usually end up into one or another at some point! For these plans I mostly stuck to generic super heroes with a few specific ones like PJ Masks sprinkled in! Now let’s go save the world!

Thor number puzzle: My little enjoyed doing this simple puzzle so much he did it 3 times! It’s a fun way to work on basic number skills! I just printed the Thor puzzle out and laminated it then cut out the strips. I had my little find 1, then 2 and so on and put them in order to make the picture.

Cape shape match: I drew a super hero cape then cut out some shapes and traced them on the cape. Then I had my little match the shapes to the ones on the cape as we reviewed what their names are. I got this idea from Sandbox Academy.

Letter rescue mission: Tape all the letters in a set of foam ABCs to the wall and then have your little “rescue” them by un-taping them and bringing them to you. Have them identify the letter if they can, and if not identify it for them and have them repeat you while looking at it. I got this idea from Entertain Your Toddler.

S is for super hero do-a-dot: I printed this Superman do-a-dot page then had my little make the “S” by filling the dots in with the do-a-dot marker of their choice.

Design a hero: I let my littles each pick a paper person cut out then decorate it as a super hero. To make the suits, I had them pick a color for the suit and cape (I traced the paper people minus the head and hands and cut out my tracing to make the suits- the boys did their own gluing). I also had several hair choices cut out from last year’s 4th of July diversity banner making activity, so I just let them pick one of those.

Super hero popsicle stick bookmark: I had my littles paint a popsicle stick with the color of their choice, then pick a color for a cape and mask. I drew a cape shape and had my preschooler cut it out (I cut my toddler’s for him) then when the sticks were dry we glued the capes to the back, and the masks with eyes to the front. I got this idea from Premeditated Leftovers (best blog name ever! hahaha)

Design a mask: I printed this super hero mask template then had my littles color them with color change markers (regular markers work fine too!) Then we cut them out (I did the eye holes for both littles), added string and let them play!

Super hero flying picture: These take a minute to set up, but they come out SO CUTE! I actually did them with my boys last year during Covid lockdown, but they’re so much fun I knew I had to share them here too! You just make a city scene with a blue blanket or sheet, some buildings made of construction paper, and clouds made of pillow stuffing (you can get bags of it at Walmart for like $2). Then you have your little dress in their favorite super hero costume and lay in the scene above the buildings like they’re flying while you stand on a chair and snap a few pictures! I got the idea from Teacher’s Pet on Pinterest.

Supply/shopping list:

  • blue blanket or sheet
  • cotton pillow stuffing
  • super hero costume
  • popsicle stick
  • paper person template
  • googly eyes

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