Wee Leprechauns

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya and your wee lads and lasses too! Even though St. Patrick’s Day was on Wednesday and I usually do holiday plans with my littles a week early so they’re in your hands for the actual holiday, I got my dates confused (I THOUGHT St. Patty’s was on the 17th!)Continue reading “Wee Leprechauns”

God Made a Rainbow

Our God is creative. When making people, He didn’t decide to create just one skin tone, but thousands, and He loves every. single. one. of us the same. It’s so important to teach this to even our youngest children on a day to day basis- not just during the month of February. The best wayContinue reading “God Made a Rainbow”

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving is already upon us, and although I know most people take a break from school during this week, I figured you might need some fun activities to keep your littles occupied while you madly cook 863 dishes in the kitchen (especially since the Macy’s Parade is canceled this year! Dang you Covid!!!) So grabContinue reading “Gobble Gobble”

4th of July Boredom Busters

It’s almost the 4th of July and that means sensory play filled with red, white and blue glitter, star confetti and EXPLOSIONS (kid friendly safe ones of course!). I’m so excited to share these plans with you centering around the great ideals our nation has on freedom and fairness for all (such important concepts toContinue reading “4th of July Boredom Busters”

Combatting Prejudice through Kids’ Books

My whole life I have been fascinated with other cultures and the beautifully creative ways the human race has come to meet our similar needs in such varying ways. This interest lead me to study cultural anthropology as an undergraduate, and then when I went on to get my masters in teaching, helped inspire myContinue reading “Combatting Prejudice through Kids’ Books”

Ice Cream, Ice Cream: Play for Toddlers

Lets be honest- for a toddler, pretty much every mealtime is sensory play! So why not bust out the ice cream and let your kiddo have fun feeling the cold temperature, the smooth texture and enjoying the yummy taste! Below you’ll find instructions for doing just that, along with other ice cream themed sensory playContinue reading “Ice Cream, Ice Cream: Play for Toddlers”