I Have a Dream

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up, I knew we had to take a week to focus in on the message and life of this amazing American Civil Rights leader. We’ve discussed him on a few other occasions (check out last year’s Black History Month preschool post Black History is American History for moreContinue reading “I Have a Dream”

God Made a Rainbow

Our God is creative. When making people, He didn’t decide to create just one skin tone, but thousands, and He loves every. single. one. of us the same. It’s so important to teach this to even our youngest children on a day to day basis- not just during the month of February. The best wayContinue reading “God Made a Rainbow”

Freedom and Justice for ALL

The 4th of July is this Saturday and what a perfect opportunity to teach our children a little bit about our nation and the wonderful variety of people who live here! Sometimes our country can seem like it’s one huge mess with the hate and division and refusal to listen to other’s opinions we seeContinue reading “Freedom and Justice for ALL”

Combatting Prejudice through Kids’ Books

My whole life I have been fascinated with other cultures and the beautifully creative ways the human race has come to meet our similar needs in such varying ways. This interest lead me to study cultural anthropology as an undergraduate, and then when I went on to get my masters in teaching, helped inspire myContinue reading “Combatting Prejudice through Kids’ Books”