So Long As We Have Hands To Clasp

Wah whoooo doray, da who doray! Welcome Christmas bring your cheer! Oh, sorry about that! (were you singing in your head like me as you read the words? LoL) Welcome to Grinch week- toddler style! The Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas stories, so naturally we had to do a week of fun learningContinue reading “So Long As We Have Hands To Clasp”

Maybe Christmas, Perhaps, Means a Little Bit More

Guess what our theme is this week!? I’ll give you a hint- he’s green, he’s grouchy, he hates Christmas…and he learns a sweet lesson that maybe Christmas isn’t all about stuff, but that it’s truly about spending time with “who” you love! That’s right- it’s GRINCH WEEK! We used to do a “Grinch Day” inContinue reading “Maybe Christmas, Perhaps, Means a Little Bit More”