So Long As We Have Hands To Clasp

Wah whoooo doray, da who doray! Welcome Christmas bring your cheer! Oh, sorry about that! (were you singing in your head like me as you read the words? LoL) Welcome to Grinch week- toddler style! The Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas stories, so naturally we had to do a week of fun learning based around this Dr. Seuss classic! Get ready for all things green- and a sweet Christmas message about sharing time with “who” you love! Note: Since the Grinch’s growing heart is a theme of the story, a few of our activities included hearts- I just didn’t want anyone to be confused as to why we did that when Valentine’s Day is months away!

Tissue paper holly Who wreath: I cut the center out of a paper plate, chopped up some green tissue paper into squares, covered the plates with a zig zag of wet glue then let my littles cover them with the tissue paper pieces. Then I hot glued on a Christmassy bow (with a Grinch heart bead in the center!) and a few “Who berries” (aka pom poms) to finish it up.

Grinchy handprints: I painted my little’s hands green then had them make handprints on a piece of card stock. Then I added a Santa hat and Grinch face and voila- the meanest handprints this side of Whoville!

Grinchy heart picture frame: You can get a plain wooden heart frame at Walmart for $1, so I just added one for each of my littles to my grocery pick up list, then let them go to town painting them in different shades of Grinchy green! After they were dry, I added a picture of the Grinch inside a foam heart to the frame’s corner, then took their pictures by the Christmas tree to place in the frames! (You can even spray their hair green for the picture if you want, or style it like Cindy Lou Who by following my tutorial on YouTube!)

Grinch ornament craft: These came out SO cute and were seriously easy to make- plus they make great hand made gifts for family and friends! First, I got a set of 4 clear glass balls for about $2 at Walmart, then I painted hearts on two of them and Grinch faces on the other two (if you’re not the best at painting, you can just do hearts on all of them, but if you get a black paint pen it’s super easy to do his face! Maybe just practice on paper a few times first!) Then I carefully took the stopper off the top of the ornaments and gave my littles some small glittery green pom poms to pop in the top until they were full (hello- great fine motor practice!) Then I just put the stoppers back on and tied some string to them for hanging! (if you want to be extra Grinchy, you can even write “2020: Stink, Stank, Stunk” on the back with a paint pen! hahaha) I got this idea from Buggy and Buddy. (And yes, my little boy has red painted nails… I was doing mine and he wanted his painted too so I figured why not?! Colors are fun!)

Grinchy beginning math: I cut out 5 different sized hearts from a large piece of red craft foam then showed them to my little. I asked him if he could find the smallest heart, and when he did I asked him to place it to the side. Then we continued with the next smallest and so on, until he had ordered all the hearts from smallest to largest! Then I asked him to count the hearts and helped him when he made mistakes (he still skips 3 and now 4! LoL I think 5 is his favorite and he just can’t wait to get there!)

Fizzy Grinch hearts: My littles both LOVED this fun science exploration/sensory play activity and carried the tiny hearts around all day afterwards! (I ended up getting a ton of hearts, but I’ll find something fun to do with the rest on Valentine’s Day!) So for the experiment you make “dissolving rocks” by mixing baking soda and water dyed green with food coloring until you get a moldable paste. Then, hide a heart gem inside a small ball of the paste, place them on a plate and put them in the freezer (I made 6 using a cup of baking soda and about 1/4 cup of water, but you can do as many as you like!) When they’re completely frozen, mix a squirt of dish soap with 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a cake pan, then have your littles put the “dissolving rocks” in the vinegar for fizzy, foamy fun! If the dissolving slows down, just pour more vinegar on top of the “rocks”. You can also do this with just vinegar (no soap) but you won’t get the cold foam to play in (we did 4 in foam, 2 in plain vinegar and they were all cool- but the boys loved playing in the foam as the rocks dissolved). I got this idea from Inspiration Laboratories and Reading Confetti. Pro tip- put down a towel or blanket under your pan…this WILL get messy and that makes for a much easier clean up

Who pudding: To make this treat we mixed up a packet of instant Jello pudding (cheesecake flavor is the yummiest!) and added Christmassy sprinkles! Easy peasey and SO Who-licious!

Grinch masks: I printed a Grinch mask template for each of my littles, had them color the masks green (a great way to throw in some color recognition!), then I had my preschooler cut his out (I cut out the toddler’s for him) and punch holes in the sides. Then I tied on some string and let them wear them to play Grinch!

Supply/shopping list:

  • paper plate
  • green tissue paper
  • red ribbon
  • red pom poms
  • wooden heart craft frame
  • pudding mix
  • Christmas sprinkles
  • green hair spray
  • small paper cup
  • elastics
  • hair spray
  • clear ornament
  • green pom poms
  • red craft foam

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