A World of Color

Teaching your toddler their colors is probably one of the first things you’ll do since they’re so fun and easy to notice and point out. Since we’re doing crayon week with my older little, I figured this was a perfect time to focus in on learning about color with our youngest! He’s already pointing colors out, but most of the time labels everything as “boooo” (blue). We focused on one color each day all week (red, orange, yellow, green, and blue) using all of the following activities each day. If you want to, you could extend this into next week using purple, pink, white, black and brown.

Color snack: We had a snack each day that matched the color of the day! I made sure to point out the color when I gave it to him and as he ate, saying things like “Here are some red strawberries! Oh those red strawberries look so yummy!” We had red strawberries on Monday, orange cuties on Tuesday, yellow bananas on Wednesday, green kiwi on Thursday, and blue blueberries on Friday!

A yummy red snack!

Wear a color: Each day we wore shirts that matched the color of the day! As I dressed him I pointed out his shirt color and mine and identified it or asked him to.

Wearing orange

Color scavenger hunt: Each day we went around the house looking for items that matched the day’s color and pointed them out to each other.

Finding yellow things

Crayon color sort: Each day we dumped out a box of 24 crayons and I had my little find all the crayons that matched the color of the day. I started by finding the first one for him then asking him to find the other crayons that were red etc.

Finding the green crayons

Color bath: Each day I added several drops of food coloring that matched the day’s color to the boys’ bath along with several bath toys that also matched the color! As they played I pointed out the color of the water and the toys.

Blue color bath

Coloring on sandpaper: Painting and coloring on different textures is a fun way for toddlers to explore the world of art at an early age- so this week we decided to color on sandpaper! My little was impressed with the texture, and my preschooler was surprised that the white crayon actually showed up! LoL I got this idea from Hands on as we Grow.

Crayon box hand print: My little loves doing hand and footprint art, so we made a crayon box hand print! He did such a good job keeping his hand open so he didn’t smudge the paint! Please excuse the crazy neon colors- I accidentally ordered them instead of regular ones!

Coloring page: We got a fresh box of 64 crayons for the new school year, so of course we had to break them out for some traditional coloring! My little loved exploring all the colors and taking them in and out of the box (which was great fine motor practice aside from the coloring!) As he picked each crayon out I told him what color it was to build that recall! This is the page we did, but any coloring page would do!

Crayon fine motor practice: My little loved this activity too! I poked 5 holes in the bottom of an empty tissue box, colored around them with red, orange, green, blue and purple (I was afraid yellow wouldn’t show up on the grey box), then showed him how to match the color of a crayon to the correct colored hole and poke it through! This was a great review for the week because it went over all the colors and we could talk about them as he put them in the box! I got the idea from Twin Mom Refreshed!

Supply/Shopping list:

  • box of crayons
  • empty tissue box or oatmeal can with a lid
  • sandpaper
  • food coloring
  • colorful toys
  • strawberries
  • oranges
  • bananas
  • kiwi or avocado
  • blueberries

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