Treasure Chests and Mermaid Tails

Ever since Disney released “The Little Mermaid” when I was 8 I’ve been hooked…and my littles love to play pirates so I knew with summer coming up a “pirates and mermaids” theme was a must-do in our house! Dive in with us this week as we hunt for treasure and find mermaid magic under theContinue reading “Treasure Chests and Mermaid Tails”

Splish, Splash- Water (and Sunshine!) Based Sensory Play

I think almost every toddle baby loves to play in the water, so this week we did some super fun (and soggy) water play activities! Don’t forget the sun block! –Bunch O Balloons: I am obsessed with these things! They come with 3 bunches of 35 water balloons that you just slap on your hoseContinue reading “Splish, Splash- Water (and Sunshine!) Based Sensory Play”