Around the World in 8 Days: Part 1

Having a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology along with my Masters in Teaching I knew at some point I was going to combine my two passions and do a world cultures week with my littles. It may seem like those two topics (teaching and culture) don’t vibe, but honestly my anthropology degree came in handyContinue reading “Around the World in 8 Days: Part 1”

Future Voters Unite!

Here in the States, election day is rolling our way crazy fast…and with it hopefully some new dignity for our country… which has been in a bit of a mess- to put it lightly (that being said, if you’re over 18- get out there and VOTE!) It’s so important to teach our littles the valuesContinue reading “Future Voters Unite!”

Once Upon a Time…

I love a good fairy tale and traditional stories in this genre make for a great theme for young children (provided they have been edited from their original version…did you know in the original Cinderella the stepsisters cut their toes off to try and make the shoe fit?! Yuck!). Going into Kindergarten, I feel likeContinue reading “Once Upon a Time…”

Jungle Explorers!

My preschooler recently saw Disney’s “The Jungle Book” and pretended he was Mowgli for two weeks straight, so when I asked him what he wanted to learn about it made sense that he chose the jungle. A jungle is technically a very dense, usually tropical forest- but it isn’t always rainy. Since rainforests can alsoContinue reading “Jungle Explorers!”