Wonderful Weather

I don’t know why, but springtime just seems like an appropriate time of the year to dive into weather! You have the occasional rogue blizzard, spring showers and rainbows, warmer temperatures…followed by freezing ones a day later- I mean you basically get everything all at once, at least in the South! hahaha So without further adieu, let’s dive into the wonderful world of wild weather!


-Sunshine letter match: I wrote letters around a yellow paper plate, then wrote matching letters on clothespins (we worked with all upper case, but you could do upper case on the plates and lower case on the pins). Then I had my littles identify and match the letters up.

-Rainbow letter sort: I drew a large rainbow on a piece of paper (poster paper works- I just used a piece from our art paper roll!) then gave my littles magnet letters one at a time and had them identify the letter, then correctly color match it on the rainbow.

-Rainbow color word matching: I made this color word practice page, then had my little read each word and match it to the correct color.

-“Cloud” writing practice: So not only is this great sensory writing practice- it also does a great job at cleaning any dried glue and marker off your school table! LoL You just spread some shaving cream in a thin layer on the table top (I wouldn’t recommend it on the dining table- it may ruin the finish or something…just use a sheet pan instead!) then have your little practice their ABCs or writing their name in the cream. I got this idea from Pocket of Preschool.

-Opinion writing prompt: What is the best kind of weather? On Monday I had my little write a sentence stating his favorite kind of weather, then each following day he wrote a reason why it is the best.

-Weather book list:


-Weather graphing: Each day this week we graphed the weather (sunny, cloudy, raining, etc.) and the temperature.

-Rainbow number match: I had these from last year’s rainbow week (so if you’ve been following me for awhile, just go dig them out of your supply closet!) …if not, I printed the set from Teachers Pay Teachers, laminated them, then had my littles match the numbers to the amount of coins in each pot of gold.

-Reading a thermometer: I printed these thermometer practice cards from Teachers Pay Teachers, laminated them then discussed with my 5 year old how to read a thermometer. These are perfect for introducing the concept because all of the answers are even tens and the Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometers are separate.

-Cloud and raindrop number practice: I wrote numbers in clouds (50 for my 5 year old, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for my 3 year old) then had my littles identify the number and add that amount of raindrops with a do-a-dot marker under each cloud.

-Rainbow dot to dot: I printed these rainbow dot to dots from Preschool Play and Learn. You can print them with lines to follow or just the numbers for differentiation. You just have your littles trace 1-10 in each color of the rainbow!


-Pleasant vs. dangerous weather: We made a t-chart and I had my littles tell me some examples of dangerous weather and pleasant weather. (We read a few nonfiction weather books first, so they had more of a knowledge base to rely on!)

-Cut and paste water cycle: I went over the water cycle with my littles on the chalk board, then had them color these water cycle wheels from Teachers Pay Teachers. Then they cut them out and we pinned them together with brad fasteners.

-Compare hurricanes and tornadoes: We read a book about tornados and a book about hurricanes, then wrote down the information we learned about how they are alike and how they are different on a Venn Diagram. Then we used the information to help us decide which one is more dangerous.

-Wintergreen Lifesaver lightning: Did you know if you bite a wintergreen Lifesaver in the dark, you’ll see a tiny blue spark- aka mini lightning!? (If you want to know why, it’s explained here). It’s so weird, but it works! It has to be VERY dark, and you have to be right in the mirror or right next to the person biting the candy.

-Shaving cream rain cloud play: I’m not sure if this is really science, but this is preschool and they were mixing and exploring so I’m counting it! LoL You just place water in a clear glass or jar, put about 2 inches of shaving cream on top (the kind that comes out white, not gel), then give your littles some small containers of colored water and pipettes and have them squirt the colored water on top of the foam. It’s super strange, but the colored water seems to want to stay at the top near the foam, even if the squirt it in vigorously, but eventually I guess it gets too heavy and starts to flow down in tendrils. I got the idea from Morena Rattazzi on Pinterest.


-Sequin rainbows: These came out SO PRETTY! I printed out rainbows, then had my littles glue sequins on each stripe to match the color.

-Thunderstorm art: I gave my littles each a sheet of grey construction paper with glue at the top and had them add pieces of cotton balls to make clouds. Then I drew zigzags with glue and had them stick gold sequins to the zigzag (gold pipe cleaners work too but you probably will need to hot glue them down) to make lightning!

-Hurricane drawing/painting: I printed maps of Florida and had my littles draw hurricanes on them with chalk (you can also have them paint, which was my first idea but we have no white paint right now!)

-Tornado drawing: I showed my littles how to use loops to draw a funnel cloud, then had them try!

-Painting with “wind”: I mixed some paint with water, put dollops of it on my little’s paper, then had them use straws to “make wind” and blow the paint around. It was really cool to watch it mix and swirl as they explored! I got this from Artful Parent.


-Letter of the week: Xx, each day we do a different activity focused on our letter- introduction/have your little practice it on the chalkboard (or white board), think of words that start with the letter and make a list, workbook letter writing practice, workbook word writing practice.

-Word of the week: there, each day we do a different activity focused on our word- introduction/sound the word out/have your little practice writing it on the chalkboard or whiteboard, word family list- think of other words that rhyme with your word of the week, use the word in a sentence (have your little come up with the sentence and write it for them) then have your little illustrate the sentence, and workpage practice.

-Bible verse: This month’s Bible verse is “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility, consider others as more important than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3 I write each word in the verse on a post-it, stick them to the wall then have my little point to each word and read it each day all month.

-Character trait of the month: consideration…this word is reviewed and posted at the start of the month then each time one of my littles freely demonstrates generosity I use the word to specifically praise what they’re doing and encourage the trait in them. (ie. “That was very considerate of you to split your cookie with me!”)

Supply/shopping list:

  • paper plates
  • clothespins (26)
  • ABC magnets
  • shaving cream
  • baking sheet
  • chart paper
  • ink pad or do-a-dot marker
  • jar or clear glass
  • food coloring
  • wintergreen lifesavers
  • straws
  • cotton balls
  • golden pipe cleaners
  • multiple colored sequins

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