Popcorn and PJs

Lights, camera, ACTION! Get ready for some fun movie and popcorn themed activities with your little this week! Also, this will be my very last toddler post- my youngest is turning 3 and has moved away from toddler exploration and more towards working on preschool skills like letter recognition and counting. If you have a toddler, you can still find age appropriate activities under the “art” and “extras” categories of my preschool posts from here on out!

Decorate a popcorn tub: My littles thought this was so much fun- and also really enjoyed eating popcorn out of them! You just get them each a large white paper cup, give them some markers and stickers and let them go to town! When they’re finished decorating you fill it up and watch a movie! (Note: My toddler is close to 3, so I feel comfortable giving him popcorn at this age- however if your little is younger it can be a choking hazard. You could put puffs or another baby friendly snack in it instead!)

Name popcorn bucket craft: I gave my littles large white rectangles and 3 skinny red rectangles as well as enough paper popcorn pieces to spell their name. I had them glue the rectangles together to make striped popcorn buckets, then my preschooler glued the popcorn pieces to the top of his bucket and wrote the letters in his name in each piece. I helped my toddler spell his name by putting the letters in his name in the pieces, then having him identify each one and glue it in order.

Popcorn bucket craft: My littles loved this craft from Steamsational! I gave them full sheets of black paper, and half sheets of white paper and had them glue the white to the black. Then I gave them some red construction paper and had them cut strips out to make stripes on the white half sheet (I helped my toddler with the cutting by holding his paper for him while he used the scissors like gardening sheers…LoL You can always do all the cutting if your little is younger). Then came the fun! I had my littles glue cotton balls to the top of their buckets and use pipettes to drizzle “butter” on them (aka washable paint mixed with water). They had a blast with that part!

Movie clicker craft: I cut out a fat black rectangle and an thin one to use to make a movie clacker then had my littles decorate the thin rectangle with chalk “stripes”. I asked them what they wanted the title of their movie to be and what take they were on and wrote those on the large rectangle for them (my preschooler did his own writing…it was supposed to be “Jaws” but his “w” is upside down…). Then I connected the rectangles with a brad fastener and let them play with them.

Shape movie camera: For this craft, I cut out the shapes we would need to make a movie camera then used shaped and color language to give my littles instructions on how to put them together.

M is for movie: I gave my little this “M is for movie” do a dot page then had him make the M using a dot marker. I also wrote several letters around the big “M” and had him find and dot only the “M’s” when he was done.

Popcorn counting: I gave my little 10 pieces of popcorn and had him count them then eat them for a snack. (For older toddlers and only- popcorn can be a choking hazard!)

Supply/shopping list:

  • large white paper cup
  • stickers
  • popcorn (popped and unpopped)
  • Brad fastener
  • cotton balls
  • yellow food coloring or paint
  • pipette
  • chocolate chips

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