Rainbow Fish

Sharing, kindness, inclusion, friendship, honesty. These are the ideals taught in Marcus Pfister’s “The Rainbow Fish” books- and who doesn’t want their toddler to be a kind, inclusive friend who is honest and shares well? Dive into these books with us this week as we explore and learn through rainbow and fish themed activities that are sure to delight your youngest littles!

Rainbow Fish collage: I gave my little a cut out of a fish and had him glue squares of tissue paper on it for scales. (My preschooler did his own cutting) Then I gave him a sequin to add as Rainbow Fish’s special sparkly scale.

Rainbow sprinkles sensory play: I gave my littles a cake pan with rainbow sprinkles in it and a few scooping utensils then let them explore and play.

Rainbow scratch paper: My littles LOVED exploring art with these rainbow scratch papers I got on Amazon. The set came with 50 sheets of scratch paper as well as scratching tools and stencils. I just let my littles explore with the set to their hearts’ content!

Color mixing: This is a great activity to do first if you’re doing the tie dye activity below because it may help your little understand color theory before they dive in and end up making a brown shirt by mixing colors opposite on the color wheel (ie. orange and blue, purple and yellow, red and green all make brown). You just place a dot of paint in each circle, then have your little use the two colors of paint to make a new color.

Rainbow tie dye shirts: We tie dyed hats for the 4th of July, so I had extra dye left over and decided it would be fun to make some shirts! My Dad has been tie dying his own shirts for years, so we had him come over to help us! Start with a washed white cotton shirt. To get the “swirl” pattern, you pinch the center of the shirt and twist it around and around until you have a fairly tightly wound circular chunk of twisted fabric. Secure it with rubber bands so that they make 6 “pie slices”. Have your little squirt dye on each pie slice (or wherever because toddlers) until the shirt is super saturated. Hint: To avoid a brown shirt, only give them warm OR cool colors (ie. red, orange and yellow OR blue, green and purple). Wrap it in a plastic baggie and let it sit overnight then rinse it out (wearing gloves) and wash it separately from your other laundry.

Rainbow Goldfish color sort: I gave my little a handful of Rainbow Goldfish crackers and had him sort them by color then count how many were in each group. Then he ate them for a snack.

F is for fish: I had my little make the letter “F” using a dot marker on this practice page.

Rainbow Fish book list:

Supply/shopping list:

  • tie dye kit
  • white cotton shirt or dress
  • tissue paper
  • sequins
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • rainbow scratch paper
  • food coloring
  • pipette
  • rainbow Goldfish crackers

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