Little Champions

The Olympics are finally here! I’m so excited to watch them on TV and teach my littles all about the world coming together for some fun and friendly competition! To get your littles excited about the games, here are some fun crafts and learning ideas that are centered around the Summer Olympics! Go for the gold!

Olympic torch craft: This came out so cute and was really easy to do! I just had my littles decorate a sheet of construction paper with paint markers then rolled it into a cone, placed a flashlight inside (so it really glowed!), then topped it with some yellow and orange construction paper.

Make a gold metal: There are so many ways you can do this- I had my preschooler trace a ribbon spool on the back of glitter paper, cut it out, write his event on the back (he chose swimming) then I glued a ribbon to it. I planned on doing it with my toddler too but we ran out of time because- summer. LoL If you’re doing this with a toddler, I would cut a circle out for them from yellow construction paper and either have them color it or add some glue and have them sprinkle glitter on it then add the ribbon.

Olympic ring color sort: I printed the Olympic rings then gave my little some Fruit Loops (orange removed) and had him sort the Fruit Loops into the matching ring colors (I told him to put purple in the black ring even though they technically don’t match). Then I let him eat them for a snack!

O is for Olympics: I printed this O is for Olympics do-a-dot page, but my little just used his dot marker to draw the letter O rather than dotting it! LoL Either way- you can have your little make it with dots, write it using a few different colors or make it with dot stickers.

Olympic ring stamping: I cut some toilet paper tubes in half (and also used an empty mini Playdough tub which actually worked even better if you have some saved) and dipped each one in paint the color of the Olympic rings. Then I had my littles use them to make the Olympic ring logo- I gave my preschooler a picture of the logo to follow- my toddler just stamped all over the place, which was totally fine! He was very proud that he “made circles”! LoL

Ribbon dancing: Tie about 2 feet of ribbon or tape crepe paper to a pencil, turn on your little’s favorite tune and let them go to town ribbon dancing- one of the Olympic events in gymnastics!

Foot race: Have your little race their friend (or you!) in a foot race, then give a home made gold metal to the winner!

Supply/shopping list:

  • red, orange and yellow tissue paper
  • paint markers
  • flashlight
  • ribbon
  • gold or yellow card stock
  • toilet paper tube
  • pencil
  • ribbon or crepe paper
  • Fruit Loops

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