Little Builders

My youngest has been into building with any and every type of block for about a year now! His all time favorite are Magnetiles, but he loves traditional blocks and of course Lego Duplos too! This week I thought it would be fun for us to do all the activities surrounding these versatile giant Lego blocks because there are seriously SO many things you can do with them other than just building! Let’s get building!

Lego color sorting: I gave my little a set of Lego Duplos and had him clip together the matching colors.

Build your name: I put the letters in my little’s name on single Lego Duplo blocks using washi tape and a marker then had him find each letter in turn and clip them together to spell his name. (He was pointing to the letters with his feet in the picture! LoL)

Lego hole counting/fine motor practice: I placed some Lego Duplo blocks upside down, gave my little some pom poms and tongs and asked him to place the pom poms in the holes with the tongs. As he worked, I counted the pom poms for him.

Shape Lego mini figure: I cut out all the shapes we’d need to make a Lego mini figure, then used shape and color vocabulary to give my littles instructions on how to put them together.

Design a mini figure: I gave my littles each a blank Lego mini figure print out and told them to decorate them to make their own mini figure character. My toddler made his dad and my preschooler made himself.

Lego stamping free art: For this activity I just covered the table with some packing paper I saved, gave my littles a few different sized Legos and paint and let them explore!

Kinetic sand and Lego sensory play: I threw a few Legos in our Kinetic sand bin and let the littles stamp, play and explore. My toddler was engaged for a good 30 minutes- he loved it!

Build, build, build: I probably don’t need to put this here, but just bust out those blocks and let your littles free build!

Supply/shopping list:

  • ink pads or paint
  • kinetic sand
  • Lego Duplos
  • washi tape
  • pom poms
  • tongs

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