Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Can you believe Easter is almost here again? It’s so strange to think last year we were all a little sad to celebrate Easter at home because everything was still closed due to Covid- but here we are again a year later and we’ve all sort of settled into that “stay at home” routine (well, our family has anyway!) All I can say is thank goodness for online church services- they’ve certainly kept us connected over the past year (if you want an at home service to go to, our church live streams every Sunday at 9 and 11 at Calvary.us) Anyway, here are some fun (ON TIME! LoL) Easter activities you can do with your little leading up to the big day! Happy Easter everyone!

Easter egg lacing: This idea is great fine motor practice, but definitely requires a little assistance with toddlers (basically I held the egg and showed him which hole to go through and he did the threading.) To set it up, just cut an egg shape out of cardstock, hole punch around the edges, tie a piece of yarn to one of the top holes, place some tape tightly around the end of the yarn to make an aglet (the plastic thing at the end of shoelaces!) then have your little thread the yarn through the holes! Older kids can do this on their own and still find it quite fun because as they thread the yarn makes a design on the egg!

Easter egg rescue: This is another fun and easy fine motor activity! We tried it last year when my toddler was a little over 1 and it was a bit tricky for him, but this year he rocked it! You just make a crisscross pattern using washi tape over the opening of a shoebox (we used a shoebox sized Tupperware) then place some plastic Easter eggs inside. Give your little a spoon and ask them to “rescue” the eggs from the box by scooping them out. I got this from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Paper mache eggs: So you can make your own paper mache eggs for this one or buy a set (they have wooden ones too!) from Amazon or a craft store (I just used our left overs from dinosaur week!) Then give your littles some pastel (or in my case neon) colored paint to decorate them! Pro Tip: If you want the eggs to turn out actual Easter colors, give your little blue, yellow and green for one egg and pink, orange and purple for the other egg. That way if they mix them- which they will- they won’t turn brown!

Q-tip egg painting: I gave my littles each a cardstock egg I had cut out and a palate full of fun Easter colors. I placed a Q-tip in each color, then showed them how they could use the Q-tips to make dots or lines. Then I let them paint their eggs however they chose!

Watercolor Easter egg hunt: This one is so much fun- to littles it seems just like Easter magic! You draw a bunch of eggs on a white sheet of cardstock with a white crayon (if you do it in bright sunlight you can see what you’re doing a little better!) Then, give your little some watercolor paints and have them “hunt” for eggs by painting the page. When the paint is swept across one of your drawings, the egg will “magically” appear because the wax in the crayon resists the watercolor! I got this gem from Fun Learning for Kids.

Bunny tail color match: This activity was so cute and my little loved it! I printed the bunny page from Simply Learning Kids and gave it to my little along with the correct colored pom poms. Then I showed him a pom pom, named the color and asked him to find which bunny the tail belonged to (ie. “Look! This is a pink bunny tail! Can you find the pink bunny it belongs to?”) After he matched it, I placed some wet glue on the bunny and let him glue the tail down.

E is for Easter do a dot: I printed this letter E do a dot page then added “is for Easter” and a cross at the bottom. Then I had my little make the E using a do-a-dot marker to stamp the dots! Easter stamps would be fun to use too!

Easter number stamp: I made a small book by folding a half sheet of paper in half, then writing the numbers 1-5, one number per page (for the first page I split it in half and did both 1 and 2 since they’re smaller numbers). Then I pointed to each number in turn, named it for my little and helped him count that many stamps as he put them on the page. Stickers would work great too!

Supply/shopping list:

  • Easter stamps
  • Q-tips
  • paper mache eggs
  • pom poms
  • water colors
  • 10 plastic Easter eggs
  • large spoon
  • shoebox sized Tupperware storage container or box
  • washi tape

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