Dinosaurs are such crazy fascinating creatures, aren’t they? Both of my boys love them, so I knew we had to do a dino themed week of learning at some point- and it seemed like now was as good a time as any! We hope you’ll stomp along with us through these prehistoric activities and have just as much fun as we did!

Dinosaur hunt: My littles love hunting for anything, so I knew this would be a hit! I just hid a bunch of our dinosaur figurines around the yard then had them go looking for them. To throw in a little math, we lined them up in the driveway and counted them when we were finished! If your dinosaurs are on the smaller side you can also put them in Easter eggs (aka dino eggs) and have your littles open them when they find them, which is fun too! They carry big and little dinosaur figurines for $1 at Dollar Tree!

Dinosaur ice excavation: My mom showed me this idea back when my preschooler was 2, and since then it’s been a favorite activity- especially on a hot summer day! It’s SO easy to prep too- you just pop some toy dinos into a pan, add some water and place it in the freezer overnight! You can add a few drops of food coloring too if you want to make the water colorful- but plain ice works! Then, add a bit of water to the ice in the pan to loosen it from the bottom, flip the pan over into your hand and take the ice chunk outside along with some toy tools and let your littles try to get the dinosaurs out.

Dinosaur egg painting: I got a few paper mache eggs from Amazon and let the boys paint them whatever color they wanted- I don’t think they know what color dino eggs really were, so why not!? LoL I’m saving the rest for an Easter egg art project later- stay tuned!

T-rex footprint painting: Have your little choose a color for their T-rex, paint their foot and make a print on light blue or white paper. Add a big tail near the toes and some tiny arms on the opposite side near the heel. When it’s dry, draw on a face and you have a cute little T-rex!

Dinosaur handprint craft: Trace your little’s hand on a piece of construction paper and cut it out (or if they’re able to, have them cut it out). Have them glue the dino to a sheet of paper, add some triangles for spikes, draw some scenery and give their dino a name!

Playdough dinosaur fossils: This one engaged my toddler for a good 45 minutes! He didn’t do dinosaur prints the whole time- but boy does he love this playdough! LoL It’s a recipe I made and shared on my Apples, Apples, Apples blog post this past fall and smells like apples and cinnamon so I pull it out whenever I get a chance! Plus it’s great for making fossils because it’s brown like dirt! Basically you just give your little the dough and some dinosaur figures and let them press the figures into the dough to see what the print will look like! With older littles you can talk about how fossils were made as they play- either by the animal leaving an impression in the hardening mud after it died and decayed, similar to these ones or by dying and their bones gradually being replaced with minerals over time.

Dot sticker dino craft: I cut out a dinosaur from construction paper then had my little decorate it with “scales” (ie. dot stickers)- it was great fine motor practice and he had so much fun he ended up doing both sides! I got the idea from Caitlyn Betsy Belle.

D is for dinosaur: I made a B is for Brontosaurus letter recognition practice page (before reading that the Brontosaurus was actually an Apatosaurus…scientists THOUGHT they had discovered a new dinosaur, named it, then discovered years later it was actually the exact same creature that had already been discovered and named Apatosaurus years before! Who knew!?) Anyway, I chose to do letter B just because my little already knows D so he doesn’t really need to practice it- but you can make your page on whatever letter or dino you like! To do the page, I showed my little how to dot the lines of the B with a do-a-dot marker to make the letter, which was great fine motor practice. I also included a letter hunt all around the B and had him point to and dot the Bs on the page.

Dinosaur color puzzles: I printed, laminated and cut out these cute dinosaur color puzzles on Teachers Pay Teachers. Then I placed all the head pieces on the floor and gave my little the tail pieces one by one. I asked him to find the _____ colored dino and put his tail on for each puzzle.

“We Are The Dinosaurs” song: This song is always a hit with littles- it’s called “We Are The Dinosaurs” and is great for marching around the house to! We also pretend to eat and take a rest when it gets to those parts of the song. Alexa will play it if you ask her, and it’s also here on YouTube.

Supply/shopping list:

  • craft egg or egg shaped rock
  • dot stickers
  • toy dinosaurs
  • toy tools
  • pie tin
  • playdough

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