Frosty Fun

Frooooosty the snowman was a jolly, happy soul! Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break! Now that the most wonderful time of the year is behind us (TIME of the year…not the most wonderful year because we all know 2020 was rough! LoL), we’re going to jump into some freezy wintery fun- and what better theme to start off this season with than snowmen! I figured snowmen are still festive, but not technically Christmas so it would be a great way to transition back into the normal school routine. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up by the toasty fire, and lets build some snowmen!

Snowman picture craft: I asked my littles to make “a snowman face”, took their pictures, printed them, cut them out, then glued them to a sheet of blue construction paper. Then I had them add cotton balls, arms and hats to turn themselves into snowmen! They both loved this activity and they came out super cute! I got the idea from Easy Peasy and Fun!

Snowman pom pom painting: This is an art activity I used to do for morning work in my classroom, but it can totally work for toddlers and preschoolers too! You have your little use a cotton ball and white paint to “dab paint” a snowman on a sheet of dark blue paper. (I clipped the cotton balls on a clothes pin so my littles’ hands would stay relatively clean, but you don’t have to!) Then I gave them cut outs to decorate their snowmen with by gluing them in place! (My preschooler did his own gluing, but I placed the glue down for my toddler then let him put the shapes where they belonged).

Melted snowman painting: First, make “puffy paint” by mixing about 1 cup of shaving cream (I use the cheap kind that comes out white, not the gel kind) with about 3 tablespoons of glue (honestly I just eyeballed it! LoL). You can mix in a little glitter too if you like! Then have your little use a paintbrush or their hands to paint a white blob (ie. melted snowman body) on a piece of blue construction paper. Then, give your little some shapes (black circles for eyes and a mouth, green circles for buttons, an orange triangle for a nose, etc) to stick at random on their painting. It really doesn’t matter where, seeing as the snowman is melted and so all his parts can be in a muddle (which is perfect for toddlers who are working on fine motor skills!) I got this idea from Pinterest.

Snowman counting/fine motor practice: I made a snowman by decorating a water bottle (I really like the Bai bottles because they have a wider mouth for littles to drop pom poms in) then had my little put white snowballs (aka pom poms) in the bottle using tongs. As he put them in, we counted them. I got this idea from Early Learning Ideas.

Snowman color sorting: My little totally went to town on this free snowman color sorting activity from Teachers Pay Teachers! He got through hats, mittens and sweaters before he started getting silly and not paying attention, which I thought was pretty great! It has ten colors to sort, but if your little is younger, you can do 2-3 at a time (just pick colors that are on opposite sides of the color scale so they don’t get confused, like red and blue or green and orange). I just printed out the cards, laminated them, then spread the snowmen out on the floor. Then I said, “OH NO! These poor snowmen are SO COLD! Do you think you could help them warm up by matching their hats to the right color?” Then I showed him how to do it by saying, “This hat is blue- where’s the blue snowman it goes on? Oh, there it is! Here’s your blue hat Mr. Blue Snowman!” Then I let him sort the rest, but used similar language as we went to build color vocabulary!

Snowman name practice: I cut out circles for each of the letters in my little’s name, then wrote one letter in each circle. I asked him to find the first letter of his name, then the second and so on (by naming the letter of course- ie. “The first letter of your name is F, can you find the F?”) As he put them in the correct order, I had him glue them down to a large piece of paper to make a snowman. I got my inspiration from A Dab of Glue Will Do.

Playdough snowman: Since my littles loved decorating playdough gingerbread men so much, I decided to have them make playdough snowmen too! You can do this in two ways- either roll out some white playdough and use a snowman cookie cutter to make a flat snowman to decorate, or make balls out of white playdough then stack them like a more traditional 3D snowman. I feel like the flat version is easier for younger littles, and older littles would have the fine motor skills necessary to make a 3D one. We decorated ours with sequins, but you can use beads, pipe cleaners- basically whatever you think they’d like that you have around the house! I got the idea from Life Over Cs.

“Real” indoor snowman: For this activity, I just blended about 2 cups of ice with about 1 1/2 cups of water to make a nice wet snow, placed it on a cookie sheet, then let my littles play in it. Mostly they just ate it, but you can totally make a snowman out of it too if you try! LoL

Marshmallow snowman snack: If your little is closer to 1, then this probably is one you want to skip since they need biting and chewing skills as well as some good back molars to eat it, but for 2 and ups it’s a really cute and fun special treat! You stick together 2-3 large marshmallows with some writing frosting (I just used the kind in a tube), stick two pretzel sticks in the middle marshmallow for arms, stick a rolo on top for a hat, and then add eyes and buttons with the frosting and a sprinkle for the nose! I served them on a plate with sprinkle snow too for an added touch of yummy!

Supply/shopping list:

  • pom poms
  • cotton balls
  • clothes pin
  • shaving cream
  • glitter
  • marshmallows
  • pretzel sticks
  • rolos
  • black icing in a tube (for writing) or mini chocolate chips
  • water bottle
  • white playdough
  • pipe cleaners (brown)
  • small buttons or sequins (at your discretion depending on your toddler’s age)

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