Aaaahhh! Spiders!

I do not like spiders. They’re unpredictable. And they bite. And their webs are about the creepiest thing to accidentally walk into on the planet. But- since it’s officially October I thought they would be a fun theme to start off with this month in all its scary, creepy crawly glory! So without further adieu- here are some seriously fun spider activities to teach your littles with this week- just don’t leave the plastic spiders laying around the house or your husband might throw one at you during bedtime story with your kids making your adrenaline surge all the way to your toes…. LoL!

Sticky web spider counting: This activity was probably my favorite! I got it from Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten and thought it was inspired! You draw a web on the smooth side of contact paper (or vinyl transfer paper for all of my fellow crafty mamas out there!) Then, tape the paper sticky side out on a wall or door and give your little plastic spiders to stick to the web. We also practiced counting our spiders as we stuck them up. If your little is closer to 1, make sure you use large spiders so they don’t pose a choking hazard- you could probably cut some out of craft foam fairly easily!

Fizzy spiderwebs: We haven’t done fizzies in awhile, so when I came across this activity on Inspirational Laboratories I knew we had to give it a try! You simply draw a spider web on black paper with some wet glue, then sprinkle it with baking soda until it’s well covered. Shake off the excess and allow it to dry. Then give your little some vinegar colored with food coloring and a pipette and let them squirt the web to make it fizz! We also discovered that if you rub the vinegar into the web with your finger, it activates the fizzing even more!

Fake spider web play: Oh my gosh did my little get a kick out of this one! I stretched some fake spider web (which you can get right now pretty much anywhere for around $1.50) over our kitchen chairs and just let him play! He had a blast putting spiders in the web, taking them down, and most of all pulling the web to see how far it would stretch (which elicited some delighted belly laughs! hahaha)

Spider hand print picture: Paint your little’s palms and fingers (but not their thumbs!) and have them make touching prints, one with each hand, to create a spider! Add eyes and a web for extra cuteness! (Wait…did I just call spiders cute….? hahaha)

Spider and flies finger print picture: Draw a spider web on a sheet of paper. Then have your little make “spiders and flies” by making finger prints on the paper using black ink. You can add legs and wings when they’re done printing too!

Spider building with playdough: Give your little two pipe cleaners cut into 4ths, some googly eyes and playdough and let them make their own spider.

Feed the spider color matching: Any time you can make learning like play with toddlers, you’re probably going to hit it out of the park- so when I saw this activity on Preschool Powol Packets I knew we had to give it a try. I did it a little bit differently than they instructed because I wanted my little to be able to “feed” the spiders, not just catch flies on their web, so I printed colorful spider cards from Teachers Pay Teachers (I’m just now seeing it was a “flash freebie” so it may not be free any more! If you want to, you could just make spiders out of colored construction paper, googly eyes, hot glue and pipe cleaners!) and put two cards in front of my little (I did red and green- when you’re starting off with color sorting, it’s important to choose two very different colors so they’re easily identifiable- I usually do a warm color like red, yellow or orange and a cool color like blue, green or purple. Choosing two cool colors like blue and purple for example, could get confusing for your little). I showed him how the red spider eats red pom poms (and “fed” him one) and the green spider eats green pom poms then let him try! He correctly sorted pom poms for a good 10 minutes!

Supply/shopping list:

  • toy spiders
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • pipette
  • food coloring
  • contact or vinyl transfer paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • yarn
  • playdough
  • spaghetti
  • tape
  • plastic tub/shoe box
  • pom poms

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